World Twirling Championships

 April 12th - 16th, 2006 marked the World Twirling Championships held in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Twirlers from over 13 countries joined in this spectacular twirling event.

Individual twirlers, twirling teams and auxiliary units competed in events typically seen at NBTA twirling competitions. However, performances were nothing but typical. The pressure was on as these top twirling athletes competed in front of renowned World Judges.

Teams joined to march in the closing ceremonies, as fans waved flags and cheered in support of their favorite twirling teams. While many came to play, only a few walked away with the title of World Twirling Champions. To all competitors, Netherlands 2006 will be remembered as a twirling experience too last a life-time.

Below are just a few of the overall results. Please visit the Official World Twirling site to see a full list of results for your favorite events!

  Juvenile 1-Baton 1st -
Savannah Miller - USA, 2nd - Rebecca Lantz - USA, 3rd - Dana Vaitilingom - FRA

Preteen 1-Baton 1st - Kristen Scali - USA, 2nd - Brittany McArthur - USA 3rd - Kayley Jacobs - USA

Junior 1-Baton 1st - Danielle Cobb - USA, 2nd - Chelsea Russel - USA, 3rd - Jessica Mamula - USA

Senior 1-Baton 1st - Karissa Wimberley – USA, 2nd – Bobbie-Jo Solomon – USA, 3rd – Danielle Vanscoyk – USA

 Junior Boys 1-Baton 1st - Matt Freeman - USA, 2nd - Kevin Vaitilingom - FRA, 3rd - Xavier Dessemon - FRA

Senior Boys 1-Baton 1st – Gerardus Helden Van – NED, 2nd – Nathan Magyar – USA, 3rd – Sean Wimberley – USA

Junior Dance Twirl 1st - The Netherlands, 2nd - USA, 3rd - Canada

Senior Dance Twirl 1st – USA, 2nd – The Netherlands, 3rd – Italy

Junior Twirl Team 1st - USA, 2nd - The Netherlands, 3rd - Canada

Senior Twirl Team 1st – USA, 2nd – Canada, 3rd – The Netherlands

Twirling Corps 1st – The Netherlands, 2nd – USA, 3rd – England

Show Corps 1st – USA, 2nd – England, 3rd – France

  Senior Parade Corp 1st – The Netherlands, 2nd – USA, 3rd – Croatia

Pom Pons 1st – Italy, 2nd – The Netherlands, 3rd – France

Senior Accessory Corp 1st – The Netherlands, 2nd – Croatia, 3rd - England

World Twirling Championship Resources:

Information & Photos: World Twirling & NBTA Europe


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