Twirler Teamwork

Michigan's Royalty on Parade, under the direction of Julie Bornefeld, recently gathered twirlers of several twirling teams to perform at the Detroit Pistons Basketball halftime show on January 3rd, 2006. The halftime extravaganza included dancers, pom dancers and twirlers to entertain the loyal Piston crowd.

Bornefeld says, ΓÇ£This marks our 5th year performing at the Pistons Palace, including 7 Pistons games and 1 WNBA Game.ΓÇ¥

Twirlers from Michigan's Royalty on Parade, The Sophisticates, P.J & Company, DerekΓÇÖs Dynamos, Treasures of Talent, and Holt Dazzlers participated in the performance. The routine featured several variety sections and ended with all 63 performers dancing and twirling together.

Bornefeld was joined by fellow team instructors Jodi Wright, Patti Jankowski, Mandie Causie & Heather Roy to bring this yearΓÇÖs twirling performance together.

Five years prior to this performance, the PistonΓÇÖs entertainment office was looking for a patriotic themed act for Presidents Day.  It just so happened, that Bornefeld had submitted a video of MROP performing a glo-baton routine that could be put to patriotic music. Bornefeld received the call and was given ten days to pull together the show. 

Bornefeld went right to work by calling every Michigan Baton Instructor, to help make this opportunity a twirling success.  The first performance included 89 twirlers from Michigan, Indiana and Canada. The routine consisted of formations spelling USA, 9-11 and resembling the US flag. Performers received a standing ovation at the Piston Palace followed by an invitation to perform at the next seasonΓÇÖs opening game. MROP and friends have been participating in one to two Piston games per season.

MROP are no strangers to performing, they have also been seen twirling in Ireland, Disney Land, Disney World, and Atlantic CityΓÇÖs "Miss America Parade".  MROPΓÇÖs twirlers are competitive in NBTA, TU, DMA, MTI & AAU Junior Olympics.

Michigan Royalty on Parade is located in Jackson, MI and has travel team members from all areas of lower Michigan.  MROP has been in existence for approximately 15 years.  The group consists of competitive twirlers, Pom Dancers, Dancers, and Novelty Basketball-Dance.  There are approximately 82 students at the Academy, and 46 of them are in the Corps Production. 

Back to the Game
The twirlers have recently been invited to perform at the "Palace Vision" to entertain Piston fans back at home as the basketball team travels for play-of-games.

Piston performances are open to any Intermediate or Advanced twirler who can make the mandatory practice before the game.  Twirlers wear their own solo costume, with tights and beige shoes. Contact Julie Bornefeld for more information.

Information & Photos provided by: Julie Bornefeld

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