NCABT Second Intercollegiate Competition

The second Intercollegiate Baton Twirling Competition was held in Lebanon, Tennessee, January 21, 2006. College twirling teams and high school twirlers from all over the United States were invited to participate in this competition hosted by the National Coalition for the Advancement of Baton Twirling (NCABT).

The NCABT is a joint committee of baton twirling coaches from various organizations working together to promote the sport of baton twirling. NCABT is currently working together with collegiate twirlers to achieve NCAA acceptance to develop sport programs for women.

The contest was a full day of team and individual events. Twirlers from a wide range of colleges including Baylor University, Douglas J. Institute, East Carolina University, Marshall University, North Carolina State, Purdue University, Richland Community College, Texas Christian University, University of Kansas, University of Virginia, University of Washington, Western Michigan University and many others joined to twirl for the collegiate championships.

This years contest has grown in size with over 30 colleges and high schools represented.

Teams and individuals were awarded for their performances in twirling teams, solo, two baton, three baton and freestyle events.  NCABT winners include: 

North Carolina State University was named the NCABT Collegiate All Around Winner

Other Collegiate Team Winners include:
  • Western Michigan captured the Gold in the College Team Championships
  • Purdue University captured the Gold in the College Line Division
  • Purdue also captured the Gold in the College Fight Song Division
Jennifer Marcus of Florida State University swept the U.S. Collegiate Baton Twirling Championships in Solo, Two Baton, Three Baton and the Freestyle Division. Christy Stallings of Purdue took the ΓÇ£Fight SongΓÇ¥ Division.

Chelsie Russell, of Williamstown South High School in New York captured the Gold Medal in the High School Solo, Two Baton, Three Baton and Freestyle Division.

High School Group Winners include:
  • DΓÇÖIberville High School in Mississippi captured the Gold in the Team Division
  • Franklin Co. High School in Tennessee captured the Gold in the Line Division

Full results of the competition and officials can be found on the NCABT website at

Author: Michelle Weiss
Information & Photos provided by: NCABT, Sandi Wiemers

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