Helping Twirling Friends Affected by the Hurricanes

Maryland Baton Twirlers Sabrina Smith, Jordan Ashley, and Caroline Smith unite with their Coach Kellye Vermillion to collect donations for twirling friends of the Gulf Coast area affected by the hurricanes.

The girls came across the USTA website mentioning twirlers in the Gulf Coast Region were in need of supplies as a result of the storms. The girls realized they had many twirling costumes and items they have outgrown or did not need. Twirlers around the country probably had extra items as well.

Coach Vermillion working with contacts at USTA will coordinate the delivery of all items collected. However, this group would like to hear about specific teams and/or individuals of other twirling organizations that may be in need of twirling supplies.

The girls have no set limits on what they would like to raise. They want to help as many twirlers as possible. The original deadline for donations has been extended, however the group would like to send out the care packages prior to Christmas.

Both New and Used Items will be accepted:

Special Items Needed
  • Costumes and Leotards
  • New Tights (tan and white), White Socks
  • Cougars, White Sneakers, and Jazz Shoes
  • New and Used Batons
  • Semi-Formal Dresses
  • White Dress Shoes
  • Duffle bags, baton bags, and garment bags

NEW items
  • Make up cases/cosmetic bags
  • Pony tail holders
  • Scrunchies
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair brushes
  • Combs
Keep in mindΓÇöif you need the twirling supply, the victims probably do too! Donation questions should be directed to Sherri Ashley at (301) 934-6897 or Suzanne Smith at (301) 885-0863.

Donations can be shipped to:
Sabrina and Caroline Smith, 5600 Collington Drive, Huntingtown, MD 20639 OR
Jordan Ashley, 10975 Marsh Court, Charlotte Hall, MD 20622

More on the Twirlers Organizing this Donation Drive:
Jordan, Caroline, and Sabrina are all members of the American Salute Twirling Corps of Southern Maryland. They twirl under the direction of Kellye Vermillion. They have been twirling together for 6 years now. The three of them have twirled as a trio; and Jordan and Sabrina are duet partners.

They twirl as part of team as well as individually. They primarily twirl teams in USTA, but have competed at NBTA Nationals/AYOP for the past four years. They have been part of several USTA Maryland State and Northeast Regional champion teams as well as part of several Tot and Juvenile Dance Twirl and Twirl Teams that have placed top 10 at AYOP.

First reaction to the disaters:
Jordan (age 9): Jordan is the thinker and analyst of the group. Initially, she felt the same fear as everyone else around the country. She asked a lot of “what-if” type questions…what if that happens to us? What would we do? Did those people lose everything? When asked this question directly, she admitted to feeling “guilty” that she had so much and so many people have nothing now.

Caroline (age 9): Caroline is the social butterfly of the team. She admits that she first felt very lucky to have a home, but very sad for all the people in South that didnΓÇÖt have homes anymore. She watched the news a lot and wanted to help. She also thinks it would make her feel good if she could contact someone (possibly another twirler) to see how things are going.

Sabrina (age 8): Sabrina is the environmentalist and bleeding heart of the group. She felt very sad and afraid when she first heard about the hurricanes. She heard about the storms from the news and in school. She thought about it a lot and was guessing that twirlers in the South lost not only their place to practice, but also batons and other stuff they might need. She knows she has extra twirling things to give.

Information & Photos provided by: Sherri Ashley


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