NCABT First Intercollegiate Competition

The first Intercollegiate Baton Twirling Competition was held in Lebanon, Tennessee, January 30, 2005. College twirling teams from all over the United States were invited to participate in this competition to promote twirling into the NCAA.

The contest was a full day of team and individual events. Twirlers from a wide range of colleges including Brigham Young, Florida State University, Purdue, Tallahassee Community College, Tennessee-Chattanooga, University of Arkansas, University of East Carolina, University of Florida, University of Iowa, University of Maryland, University of Nebraska, University of Texas, and University of Washington joined to twirl for the collegiate championship.

The University of Maryland members were awarded with the National Collegiate Cup Title. Teams interested in competing for the Collegiate Cup title must have at least three members participating in team and individual events. Points are given for placement in these events and calculated for the overall Collegiate Cup Title.

Teams and individuals were also awarded for their performances in twirling teams, solo, two baton, three baton and freestyle events.  NCABT winners include: 

  • NCABT Collegiate Dance Twirl Team & Twirl Team Winners, University of Maryland
  • NCABT Collegiate Half Time Team Winners, Florida State University
  • NCABT Collegiate Solo Winner, Jennifer Marcus - Florida State University
  • NCABT Collegiate Freestyle - Jenny Hannah - Tennessee-Chattanooga
  • NCABT Collegiate Multi-Baton Freestyle Winner - Brooke Walter, University of Nebraska
  • NCABT Collegiate Two Baton Winner, Jennifer Marcus - Florida State University
  • NCABT Collegiate Three Baton Winner, Jennifer Marcus - Florida State University
  • NCABT High School Solo Winner, Alyse Gilman
  • NCABT High School Two Baton Winner, Casey Bryant
  • NCABT High School Three Baton Winner, Scottie Hagen

TwirlZone talked with Regina Moxley regarding the recent contest. Kay Colen, contest director, Moxley and many other twirling coaches and judges, volunteered their time to bring this event together.

Moxley said, "overall the participants had a great time meeting twirlers from other colleges." She also added that the contest brought different leagues of twirling together. Different styles of twirling were interesting to watch, but this also presented a challenge to the judging staff.

With this being the first contest held by the NCABT, Moxley commented that future discussions will be held concerning twirling styles and the judging of these styles.  In addition, there will be discussions to possibly separate competition between College Twirling Teams and Collegiate Twirling Lines.

With the success of this event, Moxley says that the NCABT plans to hold another Intercollegiate Cup contest again next year around the end of January. Final dates and location information will be announced at a later time. If you would like more information about NCABT, please visit

Author: Michelle Weiss
Information & Photos provided by: NCABT, Regina Moxley


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