TU Modeling Rule Change

Twirling Unlimited (TU) recently announced a change in modeling rules for the 2005 twirling year. The following article was seen in the TU Twyrl Type December monthly newsletter:


There are many differing opinions about the validity of including modeling in baton twirling competitions.  Those in favor cite the advantages of twirlers learning grace, poise, posture and carriage, while those opposed feel that modeling is too focused on appearance and doesnΓÇÖt relate to twirling skills.  However, even many opponents concede that the skills required for the interview portion are valuable for helping twirlers project themselves in a positive manner and this experience helps twirlers develop important skills for later use.

Twirling Unlimited agrees wholeheartedly with the opinion that the ability to conduct oneself with confidence in a speaking situation is an important skill for everyone to develop and that the interview portion of the modeling competition helps to achieve this goal.

Keeping that in mind, the Board of Directors has decided that the modeling portion of TU Regional and International pageants will be scored 50% for modeling and 50% for interview, as opposed to the old 100/20 split.    The interview will be scored on a separate score sheet, based on a 100 point scale, just like the modeling.  The two scores will then be added together to determine the final modeling/interview placement for each contestant.  A totally new score sheet for interview is being developed and will be used for this event.

This change will take place beginning January 1 of 2005 and will be applied to all TU Regional Majorette competitions, as well as the TU Majorette pageant held at the International competition in July.

Twirling UnlimitedΓÇÖs philosophy has always focused on baton twirling as an outstanding vehicle for developing skills and attitudes useful in life situations. This change in scoring and increased emphasis on speaking skills is an extension of that belief.

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Reference: Twyrl Type, December 2004, Volume 26, #12 - Twirling Unlimited Newsletter

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