Catching up with Colorado Twirler, Meredith Winnefeld

Two weeks ago the America's Got Talent crew came to Denver so of course Meredith had to go show them her twirling and dancing skills.  The audition went very well but now there is a loooong wait for news about if she moves on or not.  Denver was one of the first cities on the audition tour so it will be 2011 before she knows if America's Got Talent wants HER!! 

In addition to America's Got Talent, Meredith was invited to come to Hollywood next week to the tryouts for Paula Abdul's new CBS dance show “Live to Dance”.  Meredith was originally invited based on her outstanding dance skills but once the producers learned about her baton twirling abilities she was asked to incorporate both dance and twirling in to her audition next week. 

Attending this audition was a really hard choice for Meredith because she has to miss the first competition performance of her HS Tom's dance team.  To make it even worse it was decided that if she missed this performance she would not be allowed to compete with the team all season.  This was very disappointing but the opportunity is just too huge to pass up.  So next Wednesday afternoon keep your fingers crossed that Meredith is out in Hollywood showing those dance judges just how cool dance/twirl can be!!! 



Photos and article provided by Pam Winnefeld

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